Meet the first JRNY Club collection, mintable NFTs stored in the Ethereum blockchain. There are four species available each with their own weapons, armor and abilities, with hundreds of unique assets.

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Crash-landing into unfamiliar terrain

The village is a settlement of the survivors that crash landed on the planet XOLO, after fleeing a natural disaster that threatened planet Earth. XOLO is inhabited by a variety of aggressive creatures, so the Villagers had to adapt quickly. To survive they will need to use the land to create weapons, shelter and armor.

Exploring the neighborhood ...

The dome is an advanced laser technology that creates a protective biosphere over the Village, protecting it against ceaseless attacks from the dangerous species that roam the planet, as well as the inhospitable climate, with small asteroids and space debris assaulting the planet.

The Villagers created houses and buildings from materials scoured from the land and salvaged vehicles and technology from the ship. The village was established around the crash site, allowing Villagers to make the most of the little tech they could repurpose. But the planet's other inhabitants attack mercilessly ...

So, whose side are you on?

Each species has many unique interchangeable traits in the main set, as well as a shared set of weapons that can go to any of them.


After losing the majority of their equipment and weapons in the crash, Villagers are forced to use the resources of Planet XOLO to create new armor and weapons. Many various armors are created that resemble animals from Earth to honor the planet that we once called home. Some Villagers are lucky enough to salvage some of the leftover gear and weapons from the crash.


Thanks to rapidly advancing neuro technology on Earth, humans were able to quickly advance the intellectual development of apes. Many of these apes were included on the voyage to the new planet because of their unique skills, strength and creativity.


Some villagers get covered in radioactive waste upon crash landing of the spaceship. The villagers then turn into rabid and have their own special abilities and unique skills. The rabid are still part of the village but have mutated bodies and armor.


The planet is inhabited by another intelligent species. In order to learn from each other’s species and maintain peace, the village exchanges a certain number of their villagers for the same amount from the alien species. The aliens are slightly larger than humans and have energy weapons and advanced technologies.


  • Helmets
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Skin Tones
  • Tails
  • Weapons
  • Mouths
  • Armour
  • Backgrounds
Villager CompanionsIntroduction of pet NFTs.
Community WalletFor contests, giveaways and rewards.
Villager Merch StoreExclusive Villager branded clothing.
Villager Battle GameFrequent tournaments to come.
3D NFTs3D models designed for the Metaverse.
VillagerverseDevelopment in The Sandbox and other Metaverse platforms.
Villager MMORTSMassively multiplayer online real-time strategy game.

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